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Codecraft is a game development studio focused on designing and developing video games and gametech[1].

The studio was founded in 2015 by Luka Maljic, a freelance software developer based in Pula, Croatia. Previously it has provided custom web development services to startups and other clients, but since 2018 it is increasingly specializing in building narrative games.

After years of contract work, the studio is currently developing its first in-house title.

  1. [1] Dialogue systems, pathfinding, AI behavior trees, gameplay scripting tools, etc.


Codecraft offers video game development and software consulting services.

We're experienced in freelancing and remote work using agile project management methodologies. You can hire us to work on our own, or as part of a larger team.

We offer various pricing models: from on-demand hourly rates, to long-term retainers.


Game development


Software consulting


Codecraft uses various technologies depending on project requirements. We love open source software!

The studio's main programming language is Rust, which perfectly suits game development due to its high performance and memory safety without garbage collection. Our favorite game engine is Bevy, built in Rust and using ECS[1] architecture.

Our previous commercial experience is with Unity game engine (also with DOTS[2]) and C# programming language.

  1. [1] Entity Component System
  2. [2] Data Oriented Technology Stack


For any inquiries, business proposals, or simply comments, you can reach us at:

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